Tuesday, Apr 10, 2018

Meet AlVaughn Rodgers, New Full-Time Recruitment Coordinator Extraordinaire

In order to fulfill our goal of serving 400 foster youth by 2021, we’ve transitioned the Recruitment Coordinator job to full-time and are extremely happy that we’ve found a perfect match.

AlVaughn Rodgers joined CASA on April 2nd. He brings to CASA a wealth of knowledge and a great personality. AlVaughn worked at a bit of everything in his career: customer service, sales, events management, banking and finance, but his most rewarding roles were for nonprofits. He is a Volunteer Leader who assists in organizing, administrating and mobilizing the volunteer staff at CASA in Alameda County where he grew up, but most importantly, he is a CASA volunteer who is currently serving two different foster youth in Alameda County. 

AlVaughn is excited to be a part of the CASA family and he says, “I believe in helping people and I believe in CASA. I wanted to do more for CASA and began to look for an additional role closer to my home in Contra Costa County. I was fortunate enough to find Contra Costa County CASA in a Google search.” 

AlVaughn believes that as an advocate, he can impact one life at a time, but as a Recruiter of CASA advocates, he can impact many lives simultaneously. He says “I am fully persuaded that the impact of CASA advocacy work is far reaching, invaluable, life changing and absolutely necessary. This program is effective. CASA children and youth have better outcomes than foster children and youth without a CASA volunteer.”

AlVaughn’s primary role is to continue to increase public awareness of CASA overall and volunteer participation in particular with emphasis on recruiting more people of color and men. He believes he can achieve this through collaboration with citizens, leaders and organizations within the community and through a variety of speaking engagements and community events. 

In his life, Alvaughn has been inspired by maternal figures, his mom and his wife. He says, “I am an observer and although each of them demonstrates different parenting styles, I am witness of their love for their children.” He is passionate about having a positive impact on the lives of others, regardless of platform or organization.

AlVaughn’s secret talent – he is very handy, he loves to buy tools, and there’s nothing he can’t repair! He loves to laugh, he loves people and enjoys studying his children for the secret to their never ending bursts of energy. He likes to read mostly leadership books, enjoys outdoor activities, walks with his wife, and absolutely loves to paintball. He believes that the best way to recharge is to take a moment of solitude to relax, and if possible, have a quick nap.

AlVaughn lives in Pittsburg. He married his wife, Zola, 9 years ago and they have a blended family of four children Anisah (17), Nicholas (12), AlVaughn II (8), and Nia (2). He says “I understand the challenges of everyday life. Advocating for CASA might be too involved for you right now, but there are other ways to help this great organization.”

Oh, and let's not forget this important fact - AlVaughn is a Die-Hard Raiders Fan!