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Take a moment right now to make a donation to help the abused and neglected children CASA serves.

Our Program

CASA volunteers advocate for abused and neglected children and youth in the foster care to make sure they do not get lost in the over-burdened legal system or languish in an inappropriate placement. Sign up for our upcoming Info Session to learn more.
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Our Need

According to a new study, 50% or more of the homeless population, and more than 30% of jailed inmates are former foster youth. These are not the outcomes for foster children who have a CASA advocate. CASA youth graduate from high school, frequently go to college, get jobs and build healthy relationships. Read more.

Our Commitment to Racial Equity

This is a time of serious reflection and purposeful action as it relates to racial injustice in our nation. CASA staff and board have been saddened by the wrongful deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Sean Reed, Steven Taylor, Miles Hall, and the many other Black lives taken too soon because of racism and hatred. Read more.

Our Impact

Stories our CASA volunteers could tell are innumerable, but every day we witness the impact this program and its volunteers have on some of the most vulnerable children in the foster care system in our county. Jose was a foster kid, and this is his story.

Our Supporters

Why Become a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Volunteer in Contra Costa County and Concord

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You have the powerful opportunity to impact the life of a vulnerable child in your community when you volunteer with CASA of Contra Costa County as an advocate for foster children in Concord and the surrounding areas.

Foster children come from homes where they were abused and neglected by people who couldn’t care for them. This is never the child’s fault, but children in the foster system are left to experience the trauma of their past situation as well as this new change in their life.

1,100 children in Contra Costa County feel scared, confused, and lonely every year as a result of being placed in foster care. Children such as these crave hope and support. They long for someone they can trust and depend on. These boys and girls need someone who cares.

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Volunteer Opportunities as a CASA Volunteer in Concord

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Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA volunteers) are regular people who do great things for children in need. These people are often the only voice for a child that’s experienced distress and mistreatment. Community members have the ability to provide an amazing community service by being a stable and loving presence in a foster child’s life by volunteering as a CASA volunteer. Children who find themselves in unfamiliar situations may appear tough or angry, but are often breaking with sadness inside. Their family is gone. Their living situation has changed. Nothing is what it used to be, and they’re often left feeling as though it’s their fault. Imagine taking these children to the park. Eating ice cream together. Laughing after a movie or a soccer game. Encouraging them in school. Showing up to advocate for them in court. See their smile change from tentative and wary to bright and shining. Watch as they begin to experience excitement and joy again. Picture their face lighting up when you’re there for them when others aren’t. You are that support they need. You can be the person who cares and is there for them. You can help them overcome problems, believe in themselves, and flourish.

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The Difference a CASA Volunteer Makes

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CASA volunteers may be the only reliable and stable presence in a child’s life to help encourage, support, and motivate them to keep going. 
•    Only 48% of foster children graduate from high school
•    100% of our CASA-supported youth graduated from high school or are still in school
•    Less than 10% of foster children who graduate will go to college
•    67% of our children who graduated with a CASA went to college or received post-secondary education
That’s the difference a CASA volunteer makes for a child’s education and future.
CASA volunteers also help the community in a profound way. Not only do children with CASA volunteers have higher graduation rates, but they also have a lower rate of being homeless or committing a crime.
Imagine being able to save a sad, lonely child from a life of homelessness or crime. By being involved in a child’s life to advocate for them, guide them, and support them, you make a tremendous difference for a child that would otherwise feel as though no one cared.

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What You’ll Love About Being a CASA Volunteer

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As a CASA volunteer, you can help a child by:
•    Building their trust in people again
•    Giving hope that things will get better
•    Bringing joy to their lives
•    Facilitating positive experiences to overcome negativity
•    Growing their confidence and self-assurance
•    Believing in them to encourage success
Volunteers with Contra Costa County CASA can expect to receive 36 hours of training and be part of a team of support for their vulnerable foster child. No prior experience is necessary. 
Expect to motivate a child and give them the extra support they need to overcome their challenges and do well. Listen to them, understand them, and advocate for them. Most of all, you can expect to have fun with your child. Giving them enjoyable experiences they would have otherwise never had brings life and joy back to their faces. Be there for a child. Bring happiness back. Be a CASA volunteer. 
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