Support Our Gift Card Drive for Youth in Foster Care

We often find ourselves reflecting on the power of a simple act of kindness, as sometimes it's the smallest deeds that touch hearts and leave a lasting impact. Our CASA Gift Card Drive is in full swing and is the perfect reminder that good things often come in small packages.

Imagine for a moment, receiving a $25 gift card to popular spots like Starbucks, Taco Bell, or Subway. To many of us, it might represent a few indulgent coffees or a quick lunch on the go. But to a youth in foster care, it can symbolize so much more. It represents a special outing with their advocate, an opportunity to enjoy something familiar when everything else in their life has changed, or in the case of one youth we work with, the opportunity to try something as simple as a Starbucks drink for the first time, helping her feel more comfortable with her peers when that topic comes up at school.

For a brief moment, it allows youth in foster care the freedom to feel like any other young person enjoying a fun afternoon or swinging by a favorite restaurant for a treat. This sense of normalcy can offer a much needed escape from their everyday challenges, as well as offer hope when that feels hard to find.

Your act of generosity is worth so much more than the tangible value of the gift card. It represents the care and compassion that you, our valued supporters, offer to our youth. It reminds them that they are valued and not alone in their journey, and that there are people who believe in them and are invested in their well-being. Thank you for your continued support, and for making a real difference in the lives of these incredible young people.

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