CASA has an amazing community of supporters who come through in various ways – from our committed CASA advocates to long-time donors, tutors, and board members. Though it's impossible to thank them enough, we want to recognize one exceptional friend and supporter, Carol Brown.


Carol first learned about CASA when she left her career in publishing and started searching for something she could do that would help make the lives of children better. She took a job at an agency that placed foster children who could not be reunited with their parents into permanent, adoptive families. Naturally, in the course of the work she did there, Carol met and became familiar with several advocates, and she was consistently impressed with their compassion and dedication. Carol decided then, that when she was able to retire, she would consider volunteering as a CASA. She has never regretted that decision.

As Carol said, her decision to volunteer really had already been made. She was fortunate enough to meet several CASA volunteers and knew that she wanted that kind of relationship with children who needed the services CASA has to offer.

Carol remembers that CASA training was so comprehensive that it almost intimidated her! She thought she knew a lot about the county’s adoption system and state requirements, but when she saw the training binder, Carol knew she was in for a deep dive. There was so much about the training that was positive. While the training was always realistic about the hardships the children had faced, it was also realistic—even encouraging—about what a CASA volunteers could accomplish in the lives of the children they serve. Training taught Carol that being consistent with a child who is in care is the most important gift we can give, and that consistency can work miracles.      

Carol saw children who were deeply wounded blossom in the love of a good family. And that’s a priceless gift. Years after they were adopted, Carol still hears from the girls she worked with, and that’s also an absolutely priceless gift.

Carol decided to become an advocate before she started donating to CASA, but it didn’t take long at all before she saw how vital financial support is as well. Training is intensive and requires many hours of preparation as well as the hours during the training itself, so she started donating to CASA during training. And, because she has seen firsthand the miracles that can be worked in the lives of children who have been neglected, Carol has generously committed to always including CASA in her regular giving plan. She is also hoping to make a legacy gift to CASA, which will help children in youth far into the future.

Carol believes that the work that CASA does is literally changing the future for children and youth who are in care. She believes this work is life giving and is creating a better future for the world. Carol knows that being a CASA volunteer isn’t easy, but it’s certainly deeply rewarding. She strongly encourages those who are able to volunteer to become a CASA volunteer, and to consider including CASA in their regular giving plans, knowing that gift is being put to very good use.

We, at CASA Contra Costa County, thank Carol for everything she has done for us.