A recent study documented that 50% or more of the homeless population, and more than 30% of jailed inmates are former foster youth, however, these are not the outcomes for foster children who have a CASA advocate. CASA youth graduate from high school, frequently go to college, get jobs and build healthy relationships. 

Without CASA volunteers, children and youth living in foster care may not graduate from high school, get appropriate therapeutic services, and most likely will not be employable. 

After finishing her CASA training, Diane started working with an 8-year-old girl, Josie, who had just been placed in foster care because of abuse and neglect. Diane went to visit Josie at her foster home and noticed Josie had almost no belongings, and seemed lost in her new environment. Diane immediately made arrangements to visit Josie’s old home to gather up some of her clothes, stuffed animals and a few toys so her foster home would feel more familiar and safe. 

Diane and Josie planned a visit to the park. Josie was nervous and wanted to know how soon Diane would visit her again, and how long she would be around. Diane went back, again and again, and that hasn't stopped over 10 years and eight different homes.  

She is now 19-years-old, and studying to become a social worker. Diane recently commented that she and Josie "will be close until I can no longer hug, love, walk, talk and breathe. This experience has been one of the best of my life."

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How can you ensure that more foster children have outcomes like Josie? We need to recruit and train 50 new CASA volunteers over the next six months in order to ensure we serve as many foster youth as possible. This will cost $80,000. Your gift of will help us reach our goal: 

  • $5,000 will provide all the resources to serve three foster children for a year.
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